The universe for both boys and girls opens up with Atom Smart the great Space Explorer, and his trusty, thrill-seeking and daring sidekick Eclipse, as they explore the possibilities of being the most brilliant, young, and adventurous minds in the Galactic universe. Atom attends the Steed Scientific Space Academy with a collective of the Neers, located in Neertopia Outerspace, the planet that Atom courageously defends from all evil doers in the galactic universe.

All the young boys who raise their fists high in the air, saluting Atom as he enters the room, know that there are infinite possibilities to do what they like under the Galactic Sun. “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Atom Smart has entered the room!” he chants every time he enters the door, and it helps to instill confidence in those boys who want to be just like him: Bold, courageous, fearless, the man!

It's all about that whole idea that he is the beginning of humanity and seeing a smile on the face for that young man and boy who enjoys space, who enjoys adventures, who enjoys music and chess, and all the other introspective ideas and hobbies is well worth it.

The Atom Smart Coloring Book has wonderful illustrations that include the Galactic coalescing of both technology and sports, music and fantasy that our boys are constantly engaged in. It is here that Atom is both a scientist programmer and a music aficionado. Atom has the hobbies of genius, he enjoys chess, composing his original music, playing the most complex instruments, reading his favorite comic book and relaxing in space –

Trusty space partner Eclipse…is a bold and daring actress that also happens to be an engineering genius who loves the artistic elements of math and science. She loves acting as much as she loves engineering. She’s a femme phenom in both acting and science, often dodging danger with her adventure and exploration.

Atom finds adventure wherever he goes, and is supported by his friends the Neers, who are engineers that help him as he touches satellites and speaks to the future that the next generation of young readers and space explorers will be able to live in.

Author Munson Steed does an outstanding job at making sure our children can see themselves showcased in doing non-traditional aspects of life, such as the architecture associated with the basketball rim in the background. One of his goals is to ensure our kids can see themselves playing chess against robots and such. He eliminates stereotypes for Atom so he can play galactic golf and he can play basketball and he can enjoy life and compose music as well. Atom Smart is that all of around young man who will become the space academic scholar and the champion spaceboard rider. Adam has a great life of exploring space and the space inside a mind of the limitless possibilities that exist for young boys and girls.

About the Author

Munson W. Steed is the CEO of Steed Media Group and publisher of Rolling Out and several other media properties. Along with being a newly self-published author and established entrepreneur, Steed is also an artist and community leader. You can learn more about him at www.munsonsteed.com. He lives in Atlanta and Chicago with his wife, Christina.